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Google’s Latest Update- Mobile First Indexing

Today, life is a switch from one electronic device to another – from a laptop at work, to a mobile while running errands, to a tab during commutes. Whether to make a delicious dish or to write a snippet of code, the first thing that flashes in the user’s mind is Google and ‘How to’ is that small magical phrase which leads them to their answers.

In today’s digital life, mobiles have taken the lead among all electronic devices. Facts are since May 2015, mobile searches are more important than the desktop ones on Google. Today, over 55 percent of all traffic comes from mobile devices. In this context, having more relevant mobile results has become a key objective for the search engine. Hence, having a mobile website in the current scenario is very important. As it is necessary to create a consistent user experience with this device, Google has come up with its latest update called Mobile First Indexing.

What is the Mobile-First Index?

Mobile First Indexing means that Google will prefer the mobile version of your website over desktop-only website for indexing and ranking. If businesses want to benefit from this development, they ought to make sure that their websites are fully optimized for mobile. If your website is not fully optimized for mobile, you may have to suffer due to low ranking.

Basics to focus on for getting ready for the Mobile-First Index

Below are the points to focus on for getting ready for the Mobile-First Index-:

  • Content: A mobile-friendly website should have the same qualitative, informative and user-friendly content available as on the desktop version.
  • Internal Linking: Your mobile website must take care of internal linking as they are useful for three reasons:
  •         1. They allow users to navigate a website.
            2. They help establish information hierarchy for the given website.
            3. They help spread link equity (ranking power) around websites.
  • Performance: The point is to have a good performance in terms of page speed. This is an important ranking factor that has even more an importance on the mobile.

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